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Philippines Price Imuregen Liquid - P5,443.20 Imuregen 90s Caplets - P7,862.40 ImunPlus 20s Effervescent Tablets - P2,751.84 Other countries IMUREGEN...

Product: Imuregen ImunPLUS

What is Imuregen ImunPLUS ImunPLUS is an effervescent tablet that provides important vitamins and minerals that...
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Product – Imuregen Liquid & Capsule

What is Imuregen Liquid & Capsule IMUREGEN in capsule (caplets) or liquid form is a complex...

IMUREGEN is a scientific breakthrough in supporting the cell structure through DNA-RNA nucleoside supplementation. Developed in the 1950s by Dr. D. Rakus, he believed in the principle that the body should only be treated the natural way, and nature has provided this treatment.

The product’s initial objective was to help cancer patients by providing a better alternative to the growing acceptance of chemotherapy that has negative side effects. After years of continuing research and clinical studies, IMUREGEN earned impressive test result as early as 1955 which included not only cancer but also recovery from other types of sickness.

The product is manufactured by UNIREGEN, a Czech Republic company in Europe. In 2016, Forever Healthy Products facilitated the distribution of the product starting with the Philippines as base country and on to other countries. IMUREGEN contains nucleotides (peptide & oligopeptides), amino acids, minerals, organic salts and vitamins, FDA approved with no known side effects. IMUREGEN comes from the words Immunity + Regeneration.

Clinical studies show it can help protect the human body from lowered immunity due to viruses, bacteria, stress, pollution, and diseases. It encourages cell regeneration that may reduce inflammation, protection from bacterial infections, recovery from asthmatic diseases, disease complications, as an anti-aging supplement, and strengthen the immune system by supporting B-Cells, T-Cells, and NK Cells.

IMUREGEN contains nucleotides that strengthen cell immunity by supporting our body on DNA/RNA level. Our product is ideal for the reduction of the frequency of allergies, flu, tonsillitis, flu, and colds. It can also help lower cholesterol, encourage faster wound healing. IMUREGEN has positive results on cancer, liver, and kidney diseases.

A documented study on the regeneration of microbial flora of intestinal tract shows it encourages healthy villi to regenerate and maintain its function, resulting in better absorption of nutrients that enable the body to cope with cell repair. Villis are linings found in the small intestine’s walls, they are responsible for ‘catching’ and absorbing the nutrients. Gut integrity is linked to a better immune system.

Adult and children can benefit from IMUREGEN and can be taken daily as food or vitamins supplement. Long-term use of IMUREGEN has shown significant improvement in the overall immune health of all ages, no overdosing, no known side effects.

IMUREGEN can be taken as a food supplement for faster recovery from various diseases, injuries, or mental and physical strain. Highly recommended for those taking heavy or long-term medication particularly antibiotics which can have lasting side effects. IMUREGEN also promotes regeneration of the villi which is responsible for the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, thus can be taken by patients that are malnourished or can barely take in regular food.

IMUREGEN is recommended for children and adult who are exposed to pollutants and needs daily immune support. This can vary from flu, colds to immune deficiency such as HIV, pneumonia to liver or kidney failure. It is safe and beneficial for people with diabetes, high cholesterol, and those suspected to have tumor or cancer.

Recommended for athletes or those in an active lifestyle. those with respiratory problems or those constantly exposed in a toxic environment, and those with heart, kidney, liver, prostate problems. Standard dosage is at least two capsules per day.

Colon Cancer Stage 4

Male, 60 years old has stage 4 colon cancer. He’s been on chemotherapy but felt it was not helping. He gets weaker after each session. He took IMUREGEN for 6 weeks at 6 caplets per day. His overall sense improved and his chemo sessions no longer had the weakening effect. Cancer cells are going down but he was still advised to complete the therapy.

End Stage Kidney Failure

The patient undergoes dialysis three times a week. He took IMUREGEN Liquid. After 90 days, the dialysis was reduced to only once a week. Patient dosage is now 5 caplets per day which he is to take until the end of the year. Dialysis continues at once a week.

Breast Cancer

Female 50 years old had end stage breast cancer. The flesh started to protrude outside her breast and the public hospital turned her down and was advised palliative care. She took her chance on IMUREGEN and took 9 caplets per day. After seven days, patient’s protrusion began to dry and became less visible. We continue to monitor her case.

From 2001 to 2003, the Internal Grant Agency of The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic through the World Health Organization funded an independent research on IMUREGEN. It was spearheaded by Dr. Josef Richter, an immunologist who concluded in a Final Report that IMUREGEN has clear supportive influence on cell regeneration and the immune system. Dr. Richter is joined by several immunologists and medical experts from the Czech Republic.

imuregen bottleThe research also indicated positive results on children’s improvement from bronchial asthma and respiratory infection, a significant improvement from chronic fatigue syndrome, and substantially increase in the immune functions. There are several papers and testing done for IMUREGEN.

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