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Excerpt of Clinical Studies on Imuregen

Diet enriched by Nucleotides supports growth and regeneration soft membrane of intestines

In this experiment was found statistically significant growth of the mean length of villi of terminal ilea of mice group Blab/c after four weeks of serving of the mix of Oligonucleotide in dietetic product IMUREGEN, in comparison with the control group. The most significant growth was proven in the case of serving Imuregen in a drink. This test/experiment has proved the positive influence of a mix of nucleotides in dietetic immune stimulating product Imuregen on regeneration and growth of epitel of terminal ilea.

Clinical study regeneration of Imuregen.

Protective and imunomodulative influence of supplementing RNA.

The advantage of this product is very good financial accessibility (the cost for the one-day application is 20x lover than German product “Torula”). We have stated/determined the optimal dose of the supplement in relation to dosage for preventative treatment and dosage for medical treatment. In the aim of the project, we have started from the assumption that immunoregulating effects of the exogenous DNA are very useful for the synthesis of nucleic acids during cell division.

Protective and immunomodulating influence 

Summary of clinical studies and product information

IMUREGEN – is a substance intended for mass prevention of civilization diseases, (including cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, influenza, and asthmatic diseases) also against bacterial infections. The complexes of essential amino acids are showing favorable effects on internal secretion glands. They incite the function of the pituitary gland and are functioning as regulators of the energy system by means of the neurohormonal apparatus of the organism.

→ Read clinical study summary of Imuregen.

Imuregen as preventive program for children

We have chosen for this study 30 patients diseased with ulcerative colitis, with defined clinical course, histologically verified. We are observing a total of 17 women of average age 63,5 years (in the span of 44 – 90 years) and 13 men of average age 65,7 let (in the span of 38 – 79 years).

Imuregen for children.

Nucleotides supplementation for Senior population

We have repeatedly proved the importance of supplementation in the senior population with the use of a supplement containing nucleotides. We also take into account the obvious additive effect of positive psychological alteration of this population group/sample. We believe that nutritional influence has importance even in the senior population, mainly for the reason to positively influence health and psychological well being. In accordance with the literature, we consider necessary to pay attention to this issue, as the senior population will show a continuous increase in the coming years.

→ Imuregen supplementation for older people.

Test for allergic disease & chronic bronchial asthma

We gradually include in the group persons with inhalation allergy, defined by clinical presentations of symptoms together with the activity of specific antibodies IgE against allergen d1 (Dermatophagoides pteronyssin). In all individuals was examined/checked complete basic spectrum of inhalation allergens with the use of diagnostic sets made by company Phadiatop. Furthermore were observed the values of complete IgE, values ECP, values of basic proteins and values of eosinophils. We served/added with the basic treatment also the supplement of nucleotides in the dose of two tablets a day and individual vaccine against mites in domestic dust.

Imuregen on children with allergic and respiratory problems.

Test for Ulcerative Colitis Disease.

In the frame of this study, we have found, that sickness with ulcerative colitis effects more often patients with dysfunction of trypsin (finding of ZZ deficit alpha 1 antitrypsin), which happens in these afflicted 40x more often than in normal population. Our results prove, that supplementation with dietary nucleotide contributes substantially to the reparation of immune functions of the sick persons affected by ulcerative colitis disease.

→ Test for Ulcerative Colitis Disease.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.


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