Protective and imunomodulative influence of supplementing RNA

Protective and imunomodulative influence of supplementing RNA, comparing of clinical testing and experimental model.

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Project with grant from the Internal Grant Agency of The Czech Ministry of Health
Registry number: NJ 6888 – 3
Date of research of project: 2001 – 2003
Published: Ústí nad Labem 29. 1. 2004
Health Institute, City of Moskevská


Inadequate nutrition has its big share on health deterioration of general population, not only by poor eating habits, but also by unbalance of basic nutrition components in food. It is generally calculated fact, that 15-25% of all death is related to improper nutrition.

The optimal presence of vitamins and trace elements in nutrition/food, is constantly repeated basic demand, influencing quality of health of the population. Inadequate composition of nutrition/food influences our immune system analogically just like food deficiency, especially at both sides of age span of humans, in the period of growth (childhood) and at the period of ageing. The present styles/conceptions of the world health policy are based on these ideas/ conclusions. These policies concentrate on preventative programs with effort to reach possibly the widest parts of population.

For these reasons our health policies should include research and clinical verification of different food supplements, in which their positive influence on metabolic, physiologic a immune functions has been proven. These aspects are substantially recognised in developed countries, where increased attention is paid to the questions of food
supplementation with various micronutrients. Japan, USA, and some European countries have been developing programs for so called functional food. Lots of above mentioned aspects are being closely looked at WHO materials „The Health for all in 21st century“.

The goal of our project was verification of the possibility to influence the health and immune system by nutrition and supplementing by nutritional products with high content of DNA. We have explored the effects of highly purified DNA of yeast origin on selected immune parameters, in the experiments and in clinical and preventative studies. We have found that the some result can be achieved by product Imuregen which has high content of amino acids, polypeptides, oligopetides, and polynucleotide.

The advantage of this product is very good financial accessibility (the cost for one day application is 20x lover than German product “Torula”). We have stated/determined the optimal dose of the supplement in relation to dosage for preventative treatment and dosage for medical treatment. In the aim of the project we have started from assumption that immunoregulating effects of the exogenous DNA are very useful for synthesis of nucleo acids during cell division.

Dietary nucleotides are, from the view of energetic coverage in this application much more suitable also because their partial fission in GI tract leads to their fast absorption and thus to the improved cellular reparation of different tissues of the organism, which ere dependent on supply/feeding of exogenous nucleotides. In many cases it can be stated that in the importance of nutrition, dietary nucleotides are from this view essential. Absence of dietary nucleotides in human organism can lead even to the symptoms of malnutrition, which is described under the name NAIDS (Nutritionally Acquire Immune Dysfunction Syndromes).

We have tried in our study not only to verify the functionality of supplementation with dietary nucleotide, but also their positive effect in preventative and clinical application. In the layout of individual clinical studies we have surpassed the scope of initial goals, due to the fact, that we have achieved important results with application of dietary nucleotide in many diseases/illnesses. For this reason we continue studying the clinical indications/applications further. We recommend the possibility of wide spread use of product Imuregen in the form of beverages (which is at present time produced by company “Dobra Voda” ) as substantially beneficial to public.

Due to the fact that the scope of the study was so broad, many other articles/sub-studies will be published during year 2004. Publications in Czech Republic and abroad in English language will be gradually published, some after processing of finished stages, others after finishing of studies on sufficient number of followed individuals.

Leader of the project: MUDr. Josef Richter
Co-Researchers: RNDr. Petr Šíma, CSc.
MBÚ Academy of Sciences, Prague
MUDr.Ivan Pfeifer, CSc.
Charles University Prague

Special assistance:
RNDr. Vlastimil Král, CSc., Health Institute, City: Ústí nad Labem
MUDr. Dalibor Jílek, CSc., Health Institute, City: Ústí nad Labem
Ing. Ivana Stiborová, Health Institute, City: Ústí nad Labem
MUDr. Stanislava Richterová, Health Institute, City: Ústí nad Labem
Jitka Pešková, Health Institute, City: Ústí nad Labem
MUDr. Dagmar Slížová, Institute of Anatomy LFUK Hradec Králové
Mgr. Lucie Dobiášová, Health Institute, City: Ústí nad Labem