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Dr. Josef Richter, PhD.

josef richter imuregenDr. Josef Richter has been a leading Czech scientist for many years specializing in Immunology and Oncology. He was known as a prominent Allergologist, Clinical Immunologist and Epidemiologist and although retired, and a former consultant for The Minister of Health in The Czech Republic.

Dr. Richter was the director of the prestigious Institute of Health in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. He and the institute represented the Czech Republic in The World Health Organisation (WHO). He also kept a private office until recently for the most prominent Czech citizens, politicians actors, etc, including former president of The Czech Republic Mr. Vaclav Havel, many of which use IMUREGEN.

Study Grant for IMUREGEN

In 2001 Dr.Richter was chosen by The Czech Ministry of Health to conduct a very comprehensive study under the program name: Protective and immunomodulative influence of supplementing RNA, comparing of clinical testing and experimental model. He was free to choose his own assistants/participants. He selected the most prominent and experienced Czech doctors/scientists. [A]

Under the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the Internal Grant Agency, which was funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), chose commercially available products for testing. Dr. Richter and his team decided to test a Czech product called “IMUREGEN” and compare it to the top rated German made medical product called “Torula”. They conducted a 2-year test program on humans as well as laboratory work.

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Massive flooding in Europe

In 2002, during the aftermath of massive flooding in Europe, the need to help and flood victims through donation such as vitamins was an opportunity the manufacturers of IMUREGEN (IMUN +) took. The result furthered bolstered the positive effects of IMUREGEN (IMUN +) as a highly effective food supplement.

Recommendation from Dr. Richter and Dr. Sima

The team of scientist headed by Dr. Richter concluded that “IMUREGEN” (referred to as IMUN+ and branded as REgen in the USA), is an excellent product that increases immunity. Dr. Richter together with Dr. Petr Sima (who also was leading immunologist), recommended and published their recommendation to The Czech Ministry of Health.

The collaboration with Dr. Sima who was the leader of another research team in The Czech Academy of Sciences conducted laboratory testing for this product. Dr. Richter has been using IMUREGEN in his own research and practice as early as the 1950s. Both results concluded the final report and recommendation to the health department.

Independent Report

It should be noted that the company UNIREGEN that manufactures IMUREGEN, had no influence on the selection or recommendation for the product. Dr. Richter had been an independent researcher of Imuregen since the late 1950’s but is not connected to the company that manufactures the product. He and several scientists, such as Dr. Sima, thru peer review clinical and hospital settings over the years have established the clear positive effects of IMUREGEN.

IMUREGEN supplement is a brand of nucleotide that is a natural substance that anyone can get by eating red meat. It is most beneficial to people who do not eat meat or has malnutrition.

[A] Co-Researchers includes Dr. Petr Šíma, CSc. BÚ Academy of Sciences Prague, Dr. Ivan Pfeifer, CSc. Charles University Prague. Special Assistance includes Dr. Vlastimil Král, CSc.;
Dr. Dalibor Jílek, CSc.; Ing. Ivana Stiborová;Dr. Stanislava Richterová; Jitka Pešková; Mgr. Lucie Dobiášová, Health Institute Ústí nad Labem Dr. Dagmar Slížová, Institute of Anatomy LFUK
Hradec Králové

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.


  1. I bought 2 bottle 90 capsules of Imuregen. My wife suffered a GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME disease last july 2011 she is now on recovery stage, what is the best dosage of Imuregen capsule.

  2. Is it good for the person who has hypertension?what are the possible side effects after taking this?can we buy this even with out doctor’s prescription?

    • Imuregen is a food supplement, no need for doctor’s prescription. There are no know side effects since it comes from bovine proteins (beef extracts). It is not intended for hypertension but for immune and cellular repair.

  3. May father undergone amputation 2 months ago an the amputated area is already healed…this few days because he is bed ridden due to high blood stroke 15 years ago,he has a bed sore at the back …2 it is already 2 weeks we are using the prescribed cream and medicines given to him by the doctor it is not yet ok…what shall we do?please do help me what to do…i am willing to order imuregen…tnx and more power!

  4. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years ago. This product was introduced to me just a while ago, do you think this might help my husband lessen some of the symptoms associated with Parkinsons?

    • Once Parkinson’s has set in, it’s nearly impossible to reverse the damage, that is why it’s important to maintain the brain health, prior to the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s. Supplements like Imuregen or Laminine may help patients slow down the aging or damaging process of the disease.

  5. Can it help in a person with kidney problems brought about by urine reflux and thickened bladder? Been to several Doctors but no solution has been made


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