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DISCLAIMER: Statements in this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. IMUREGEN is a brand name of nucleotide supplement and vitamins.

What is Imuregen Liquid & Capsule

IMUREGEN in capsule (caplets) or liquid form is a complex dietary nucleotide, peptides, essential amino acids, and vitamins. It will recharge your life energy through its complex dietary nucleotides, peptides, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients are the unique tool to support our body’s immune system and regeneration.

About Nucleotides

Nucleotides are biological molecules that are essential to almost all biological processes in the human body. They are the building blocks of nucleic acids DNA and RNA, and are also part of many important enzymes crucial to energy metabolism.

Our body is capable of producing these biological molecules, however, when the demand for nucleotides is increased, such as in the case of gut injury, rapid growth, decreased protein intakes, or when the immune system is activated or on alert, our body’s production of nucleotides may not be enough. [A]

Supplementation of this type of molecular nutrient in our daily diet may provide some benefits to our systems, particularly the gut and the immune system [B] (Van Buren 1997).

The foods that are most abundant in nucleotides are now the ones that have become most scarce in our diets. An example of food rich in this type of molecules is bovine offal, liver, tripe, and heart. If you are not a fan of this diet, IMUREGEN (with nucleotides extracts) can provide your daily need of this nutrition.

What will it do for my body?

IMUREGEN will naturally helps you to increase your biological activity and strengthen your body’s immune defenses, particularly in helping T-Cells, B-Cells, and NK-Cells to proliferate and encourage intestinal integrity that is linked to the immune system. The ability to use macronutrients is essential for the generation and maintenance of a protective effector immune response. [D]

It has no side effects, not addictive, and it can be taken indefinitely according to the needs of the individual. It has also been found to support or regulate blood sugar levels, antitumor effect (cancer), intestinal integrity, and respiratory problems.

A lymphocyte is one of the subtypes of white blood cell in a vertebrate’s immune system. Lymphocytes include natural killer cells (NK cells) (which function in cell-mediated, cytotoxic innate immunity), T cells (for cell-mediated, cytotoxic adaptive immunity), and B cells (for humoral, antibody-driven adaptive immunity). They are the main type of cell found in lymph, which prompted the name lymphocyte. The three major types of lymphocyte are T cells, B cells, and natural killer (NK) cells. Lymphocytes can be identified by their large nucleus. (Source: Wikipedia)

IMUREGEN helps to unlock your body’s full potential, making you feel younger and stronger. When all the systems in the body are performing optimally, it works like a fine tuned machine. You’re able to fight diseases and reduce recovery time. Imuregen enhances overall performance mentally and physically.

Who needs it?

• Those who have increased mental and physical strain
• Convalescence after various illnesses and injuries
• Acute or chronic debilitation
• To strengthen defense during flu and cold
• Athletes and people with physically or mentally demanding job
• All who are exposed to polluted environment
• Individuals with weakened immune systems and allergies
• Anyone who wants to strengthen your body


When the body doesn’t naturally produce sufficient amounts of nucleic acid, it has to work harder to keep you healthy and fight off diseases. Studies found the best method increase longevity is through DNA and RNA supplementation. Imuregen delivers the essential building blocks needed to create the DNA and RNA. Recharge your life energy!

World Health Organization (WHO)

A clinical report was funded by the WHO through the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic from 2001 to 2003, that published a Final Report* that shows Imuregen has supportive influence on the respiratory health, fatigue syndrome, antitumor (anti-cancer) effects, intestinal integrity, and innate immune system. The independent research also showed that IMUREGEN is highly beneficial to children and adults.

→ Read full Final Report

Of the many positive results, the antitumor effect of IMUREGEN is perhaps the most outstanding effect of the product to a sick body. “Long-term drinking of IMUREGEN have a clearly supportive influence on the production of cytokines, positively influencing preparation and development of an antitumoral component of immunity” – Dr. Josef Richter (Independent researcher for WHO).

IMUREGEN helps the body structure and function to work optimally by improving the body’s immune system and helping it to regenerate or repair cells. When a body has a strong immune system it is able to both fights off bacteria, fungus, viruses, sickness and more. The ingredients in Imuregen are needed when the body is under stress or needs cellular nourishment. The basis of all cellular RNA/DNA recreation is in our product.


Imuregen is purely organic and comes from nature. It does not contain any form of the artificial ingredient. It is a complex dietary nucleotide, peptides, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, which is a unique tool for supporting the immune system and body regeneration. Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids DNA and RNA, and are also part of many important enzymes crucial to energy metabolism.

Contents: 90 capsules
Weight content: 16.98 g (-5%)
Energy value: 2.68 kJ (0.64 kcal) per one capsule.

• Amino Acids+
• Minerals and Salts
• Vitamins+
• Iron

Complex Ingredients
Contains qualitatively and quantitatively set of amino acids and essential amino acids partly free and partly bound in the form of low molecular weight peptides and oligopeptides, in relation to the breakdown products of heme, ie. Chained porphyrin core with loose Fe ++ and naturally arising compounds for the organism necessary elements (eg .: Na, K, Ca, P, Fe, Mg, Li, Cl, SO, HCO)

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Dosage & Side Effects

IMUREGEN is a food supplement with no overdosing side effects. Adult and children can anywhere from 1 caplets and above, depending on the state of health. IMUREGEN naturally helps increase biological activity and strengthen the body’s defenses and has no known side effects. It is not addictive and can be taken indefinitely to the needs of the individual.

→ Recommended dosage
→ Full benefit of IMUREGEN

[A] Effect of dietary nucleotides on small intestinal repair after diarrhea. Histological and ultra-structural changes.
[B] Dietary nucleotides: cellular immune, intestinal and hepatic system effects.
[C] Protective and Immunomodulative* influence of supplementing RNA, comparing of clinical testing and experimental model.
[D] Human nutrition, the gut microbiome, and immune system.

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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.


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