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Nucleotide: Outstanding benefits you should know

Added ATP (Cell fuel)

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, perhaps the most important of all the nucleic acid derivatives in the body. Its effects are so powerful and essential to cellular function, a description of its unique properties warrants special attention. ATP is the fundamental currency of every cell in the body.

Virtually every activity in the body that requires energy uses ATP as the source of power. Whether the function is building complex molecules from building blocks, maintaining the electric potential of cell membranes, or allowing muscle fibers to contract for mobility, speed, and strength, it is ATP that provides the electrochemical fuel.

Antimicrobial Peptides & Proteins (AMPs)

As the key components of innate immunity, human host defense antimicrobial peptides and proteins (AMPs) play a critical role in warding off invading microbial pathogens. In addition, AMPs can possess other biological functions such as apoptosis, wound healing, and immune modulation.

AMPs also protect humans from microbial infection. They have been identified in a variety of exposed tissues or surfaces such as skin, eyes, ears, mouth, airways, lung, intestines, and the urinary tract. (NCBI)

Anti-tumor Effects

Nucleotide food supplementation has a clear supportive influence on the production of cytosines, positively influencing preparation and development of the antitumor component of immunity. In test tube studies, adding ATP has shown the ability to inhibit the growth of several types of human cancer cell lines.

The types of cancer cells inhibited include pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, androgen-independent prostate cancer (i.e., not responsive to male hormone manipulation, the most aggressive variant), breast cancer, myeloid and monocytic leukemia (bone marrow-derived tumors of blood-forming cells), and multi-drug resistant colon cancer.

In contrast, normal cells from these tissues showed less inhibition of growth or no inhibition at all, suggesting that increasing ATP outside cells may have a selective inhibitory effect on several cancer cell lines.

Beneficial to lungs

ATP administration has been shown to have numerous beneficial effects on lung function, particularly the delicate lining membranes of the airways and alveoli. In some conditions, the blood pressure in the vessels in the lungs can rise too high, a condition known as pulmonary hypertension.

ATP binds to the lining of the pulmonary vessels and stimulates a cascade of events that cause the blood vessels to relax and lower the pressure.

Cardiac Strengthening

The cyclic contraction of the cardiac muscle is highly ATP intensive and thrives on aerobic metabolism. The combined oxygenation and ATP delivery effects of DNA/RNA formulas provide the heart with an enhanced energy supply for efficient function.

Cellular Energy

There are two fundamental ways ATP is generated in the body, one very efficient and one very wasteful. Efficient ATP production occurs through aerobic metabolism in the mitochondria, tiny organs or organelles within the cell that burn fuels like fat and glucose to generate ATP.

As nucleotides boost cellular oxygen delivery, already making ATP production more efficient, the ATP has an ideal environment for further boosting cellular energy conditions; thus all the desirable ATP effects are likely to be even more potent.

Endocrine Gland Repair

Some of the tiniest organs in the body have the most profound effects on our health and wellbeing. These are the endocrine glands that secrete minute amounts of hormones into the blood without which every function of the body can suffer.

• The adrenal glands
• The pituitary gland
• The salivary glands
• The thymus gland
• The thyroid gland

Growth and Development

Studies in young laboratory animals have assessed the effects of supplementing DNA and RNA elements. Compared to control animals, the supplemented animals grew, developed, and increased muscle mass at a greater rate. Other vital proteins were also built more readily in the treated animals.

The intestinal lining, in particular, matured more robustly in the supplemented animals. Research thus far indicates that the tremendous need for nucleic acids in growth and development is strongly beneficially supported through supplementing these vital nutritional elements.

Improved Stress & Fatigue Management

Under conditions of metabolic stress, such as depriving tissue of oxygen through the reduced blood supply, rapid and massive depletion of ATP within cells occurs. NUCLEOTIDE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT is a “natural defense system” to protect the tissues from the effects of severe oxygen deprivation.

These protective effects include an improved function of energy generating mitochondria, better electrolyte transport, increased ATP within cells, reduced oxygen consumption, and improved function of messenger molecules within the cells.

Prolonged exposure to stress can raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, increase vulnerability to anxiety and depression, contribute to infertility, and hasten the aging process.

Improves clearance secretion on the bronchial lining

Cystic fibrosis is one of the most common inherited genetic diseases. Impaired water and electrolyte secretion from the bronchial lining results in thick secretions that block the bronchial tubes and result in recurring infections.

ATP has been found to increase electrolyte and water secretion with an improved clearance of secretions, offering hope of a new and useful intervention in this often aggressively progressive condition.

Increases T-Cells

Cellular immunity refers in particular to immune cells that have the role of identifying cells in the body that have become abnormal, so that the abnormal cells can be removed. The main cellular changes sought through the cellular immune system are the development of cancer cells or various types of intracellular infection. The goal of the cellular immune system is to eliminate cancer cells or infected cells before they can become established in the body to cause serious illness.

Intestinal Integrity, Maturation, and Bowel Flora

The intestinal lining replaces all of its cells every seven days. Only a single layer thick, this lining is highly dependent on a sufficient supply of nucleic acids to completely regenerate itself every week. If nutritional support is inadequate, defective regeneration of the intestinal mucosal lining impairs the enzymatic stages of digestion, which can lead to a vicious cycle of deteriorating digestion and nutritional status.

Upon administration of NUCLEOTIDE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT, the appearance of the intestinal lining greatly improved, with the regeneration of the height of the absorptive intestinal villi. In addition, the enzyme content and function of the Intestinal lining also greatly improved, permitting the animals to recover and thrive robustly.

Intestinal health
Dietary nucleotides can improve the grows and differentiation of the intestinal cell lines, the response to injury of the intestinal tract and positively influence the bacterial flora in infants.

In the intestine of breastfed infants, bifidobacteria were predominant, while gram-negative bacteria predominate in those of infants fed cow´s milk-based formula. Breast milk contains about a hundred times the level of nucleotides present in cow´s milk. NUCLEOTIDE DIETARY SUPPLEMENTED milk increased HDL and decreased VLDL in infants, suggesting that nucleotides enhance lipoprotein synthesis, particularly in the intestine.

Sexual function

When you take IMUREGEN, the increase of ATP and adenosine has been found to induce a smooth muscle relaxation that is important for erectile function. In diabetic men, erectile dysfunction is common through several mechanisms.

The erectile tissue of diabetic men has been found to be especially sensitive to the smooth muscle relaxation effects of ATP, offering them a hopeful avenue of recovery of erectile function. (Increase in Libido is alFibroblastd with Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF supplement, where “happy hormones” are regulated for both male and female, resulting in increased sexual libido)

Tissue regeneration

When damaged cells need repair, nucleic acid plays a significant role in providing the energy it needs to utilize signals and amino acids to work in place. Any tissue, in order to regenerate, requires the ability to make DNA and RNA to support the process of making new cells.

Providing readily absorbed and assimilated nucleotides can be one of the most powerful ways to assist any tissue to repair and renew itself. Likewise, cellular repair takes place when there are enough amino acids (materials needed) to do the repair. IMUREGEN can be supplemented with Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) which is known to signal cell repair (stem-cell-like action).

Wound healing

Several studies in wound healing have assessed the effects of supplemental nucleic acids on wound healing. Compared to the control group, those receiving the supplements showed more rapid healing, a greater tensile strength of the skin, and significantly reduced scarring.

NUCLEOTIDE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT such as IMUREGEN is one of the most rejuvenating, immune enhancing, and tissue supporting regimens ever to be discovered.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.


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